Meet Our Team

Gulshan Chandna

I started Theramax Rehab with a vision and wanted to share the vision with likeminded professionals. Our ultimate goal is to help restore, improve, and maximize the quality of life of our patients. I am fortunate to have found a team of professionals who share this Vision with me and work relentlessly each day to make life better for all our patients.

Ruchika Chandna

My name is Ruchika and I am an Occupational Therapist. I have been practicing since 1999 and completed my Doctorate of Occupational Therapy in 2016. I am passionate about the concept of productive aging in place. I take great pride in being part of a team where we all individually and collectively work toward improving our patient's quality of life despite the constantly changing healthcare landscape.

Carrie Rudman

I've always had a love for the medical field and enjoy helping others. When I learned what an OT was, back in college, through research and observing a family friend at her work who was an OT, I realized it was something perfect for me to pursue combining my interest areas. I truly enjoy home health care and helping individuals achieve and reach their goals to live as independently and safely as possible.

Emilia Miller

I graduated from Central Michigan University with a masters in physical therapy in 1999. I have a diverse background in inpatient and outpatient physical therapy as well as geriatric home health. I have a passion for living a healthy and active lifestyle, and transfer my knowledge and energy to my patients to help them regain as much movement and function as possible in order to improve their quality of life.

Alaina MacBeth

I am Alaina MacBeth, DPT. I specialize in working with geriatric patients including a variety of orthopedic and neurological diagnoses. I have experience and further training in working with patients suffering from dementia and balance deficits. Fall prevention and maintaining/improving quality of life and independence are at the center of all patient care. Patients have described me as being "professional and knowledgeable, along with being kind and patient, demonstrating a true love for what she does and the people she works with."

Nimesh Seth

I always envisioned myself working in healthcare and being a Physical Therapist has given me a platform to enhance quality of life of my clients. I love the fact that we have can facilitate our clients journey towards their independence. After completing my graduation (Bachelor of Physical Therapy) in India I worked for a few years before completing my DPT from Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, MA) in 2013. I've worked in outpatient ortho facility and now have been working in home care and outpatient rehab with mainly geriatric population. There is nothing better than hearing from my patients "I feel much better than before". I hope to continue growing as a professional and to embrace the challenges of our ever changing profession.

Rie Ureel

I graduated with my DPT from Emory University in 2016. I initially worked in a hospital in the rehab unit where I found my passion for working with the geriatric population. Since then I have had experience working in other settings including skilled nursing facilities and home health care. I enjoy building rapport with my patients and their family members and assisting them to improve their quality of life and safety within their environment.

Paige Lambert

Hello I am Paige Lambert, OTR/L. I am a Western Michigan University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Health Services with a concentration in occupational therapy and a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy. I specialize in providing patient centered care for the geriatric population. I am passionate about topics related to fall prevention, productive aging in place, upper body / hand rehabilitation, and pain reduction / management interventions. I love the personal and intimate level of care Home Health OT allows me to have with my patients.

Our Mission

To provide advanced rehab services through a specialized team focusing on wellness of the patient using interdisciplinary approach and promote the well being of patient with the utilization of outstanding level of care.